Monday, July 31, 2006

July 31, 2006: Loco Roco es no muy bien; Vista renders DX9 Better; Bye Bye to E3

  • In what was supposed to be a katamari-success story, Loco Roco, a quirky game for the PSP has been launched in Japan to a big 'who cares'. Rumers abound that the game is already in the bargin bin in many Japanese retailers. Via (kotaku)
  • Instead of having 'Achievements', Sony will keep track of gamers, um... achievements, with 'Entitlements'. Via (kotaku)
  • DirectX 9 games will run faster under Windows Vista, according to GameSpot. Due to the Device Driver Model in Vista. Cevat Yerli says, . "DirectX 9 on Vista will run faster throughout due to the better device driver model...which is a great thing because just upgrading the operating system on the same rig, you get a better gaming experience." Via (gamespot)
  • E3, E3, E3. Where to start? Is it gone, or is it staying. Different people are saying differnt things. I'm going to go with Next Gen's report that say's All the major vendors had pulled support. I think. You can decided for yourselves. Next-Generation; ArsTechnica; Joystiq; Kotaku

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