Wednesday, August 02, 2006

August 1st, 2006:Minnesota Game Law Unconstitutional, Unreal 2007 - not until 2007, E3 - Invinte Only

  • New Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Screenshots. From Kotaku, enjoy.
    Via (kotaku)
  • Minnesota Game Law deemed Unconstitutional. The Federal District Court of Minnasota overturned Attourney Gemeral Mike Hatch's viloent video game law, that would fine minors who bought or rented mature video games. "The First Amendment . . . was certainly established to keep thegovernment from becoming the arbiter of what constitutes 'worthless' or'disgusting' speech. The Court declines the State's invitation to enterinto an evaluation of this kind." Via (kotaku)
  • Unreal 2007 delayed until 2007. Midway and Epic confirmed gamespots roumers that Unreal Tournament 2007 would be delayed until the first half of 2007. There is planed to be versions for the PC, PS3, and probably Xbox360. Via(1up)
  • New E3 by Invite Only. Brian Crecente of Kotaku spoke with Doug Lowenstine about the new E3 Media Experence or whatever. One of the more interesting points made was now it would be by invite only. "Where the old E3 was a thing of multi-million dollar booths crowded inthe mammoth Los Angeles Convention Center during May, the new E3 willbe a smaller, more intimate by-invitation-only event likely held in ahotel lobby," Lowenstein said. Via (Kotaku)
  • Valve Hires Digipen Students to develop portal. In an interview with IGN, the students responsiable for NarBacular Drop, or the portal game, describe how their meeting Gabe Newell changed their lives for the better. From the interview: "Gabe watched our demo and basically hired us on the spot. It waskind of shocking. We stood around in the parking lot afterwardsgibbering to ourselves for about 20 minutes." Via (Joystiq)

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